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Tim's Trauma Balm

CBD Pain Relief Salve


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Our Ambassadors


Hilaree Nelson - Adventurer, big mountain skier, lover of magical places, mother of wild boys.

We are so happy to have Hilaree Nelson as our new ambassador for Tim's Trauma Balm! She has been traveling all around the world, and to the highest peaks with our tins. She is giving the balm the double thumbs up when it comes to keeping her body going. Thanks Hilaree!


Craig Childs - Storyteller, Writer, Traveler of interstitial places.

We are really excited to have Craig Childs carrying our salve to the dark places on the map. Craig has requested that we make him a bathtub full of salve. We are working on it!


We are dedicated to using 100% all natural high quality ingredients in all of the products that we make.